LeslieA good friend convinced me to try Bikram and I am now hooked! I am convinced that Bikram Durham Yoga has helped me become a stronger runner with less injury from my longer distance runs. Bikram brings ninety minutes of stress reduction and relaxation that have long lasting effects throughout my day. And the teaching staff are amazing community partners in supporting events like the Florence Forth road race and other community non-profits.

Leslie McDow,

When I first stepped into the Bikram Yoga Durham hot room I was overweight, out of shape, hyperactive, egotistical, compulsive, addicted, dealing with several old sports injuries including a rebuilt left ACL, a rebuilt right Achilles and at least three different disease states. A friend had suggested Bikram yoga might help calm me down and help me find a little serenity. 8 months later I feel absolutely transformed from the inside out.

As an ex-wrestler I was looking forward to a challenging workout and that was about all. While I was not surprised that I lost weight, toned up and even became more relaxed I never expected to receive the gifts of discipline, courage, trust and faith. The brilliance of the program taught me to put my ego aside and to learn to listen - a work in progress. I learned to let go of the notion of control and instead to trust the instructors and the dialogue. Learning to let go in the room has made it easier to do the same outside of the room and the benefits are spectacular.

But the aspect of Bikram Yoga Durham that is most precious to me is the people. The incredible community of positive, supportive students, instructors and staff provide a foundation of love and strength that is tangible and rare. A support group for enriched living. Without exception every time I leave the studio I feel much better than when I walked in. And the fact that the studio is state of the art, super clean and gorgeous makes it all that much more pleasant an experience.

I am so grateful for what the Bikram Yoga Durham studio has given to me. Aches and pains are gone as are my disease states. My physical, emotional and spiritual health is soaring and I know I have only scratched the surface. The first couple of steps of a life-long journey.

Todd Neal,

NancyLeeI started Bikram three and a half years ago and it has changed my life. Now that I'm in my 50's, I had no idea before hot yoga how 'afraid and tentative' I was of my knees, walking, stooping, bending, etc. Bikram has taken almost ALL of that away. I feel more confident in my skin, able to stand for longer periods of time, walk a desired pace and keep it up. There's just been so many benefits to all of this. Also, as a licensed massage therapist, I have absolutely NO doubt that Bikram has slapped at least 5-8 years onto the longevity of my very physical massage practice. I remain grateful.

NancyLee Spears,

AngelBikram Yoga changed my life. I know the majority of these testimonies probably start out with that exact sentence and there is a reason for that. I came to Bikram Yoga Durham a broken woman, in more ways than one. My body had endured two car accidents, years of too much alcohol and bad food choices, and a battle with depression that seemed endless. All of these things were really starting to affect my health and my quality of life. I had tried many different ways to get healthier and stronger and nothing really clicked within me. I believe what resonates with Bikram Yoga is that I really have only one thing to do and that is to show up and try my best. The rest fell into place naturally. I properly hydrate now because if I don’t, my practice will suffer. I eat much healthier foods because if I don’t, my practice will suffer. I rarely drink alcohol anymore because if I do, my practice will suffer. I have been practicing regularly for over 4 months now and my body and mind have both become so much stronger. I have even started the process of weaning off of the antidepressant that I have become dependent on for the last five years.

What makes BYD so special to me is the unwavering support of both the staff and students I get every time I walk in the door. The atmosphere is always one of encouragement and that means everything to me. The air treatment systems and special flooring makes BYD my absolute favorite place to practice. The air never feels stagnant to me and I’ve never once felt that I needed to leave the room. The continuous special events and seminars keep things fresh and exciting and I feel as if I’m always in a state of learning. I am so grateful that I discovered Bikram Yoga Durham. It has truly changed my life.

Angel Jervis,