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Hanna Newman, Teacher

Growing up Hanna was not exactly an exercise aficionado. She had tried a variety of sports, but always found that she either did not enjoy or did not have a knack for them. During the Fall of 2005 her dad, Ralph, convinced her to go to her first Bikram Yoga class. She was the overweight…
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Ralph Newman, MD. Studio Founder

Ralph's determination and strength show us how yoga gives the physical health and mental power to overcome life's difficulties. Ralph began his journey towards Bikram yoga as an overweight teen channeling body mass into bodybuilding and powerlifting. He became an avid runner and cyclist, completing seven marathons. Twenty-six years of lifting and pounding gave Ralph…
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Kate Pannone, Teacher

I believe you find this yoga when you need it. I found it at a point in my life when I was on the cusp of big changes, and I was struggling to find my way. I grew up very active with gymnastics, so when I found yoga, I immediately felt at home. I love…
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