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Melinda Kearney, Teacher

Melinda fell in love with Bikram Yoga during final Savasana of her first class. As her practice evolved, it became a central component in nourishing a balanced mind, body and spirit. Her love for the practice coupled with a passion to share the yoga led her to Los Angeles, California in the spring of 2014…
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Renee Collins Bradford, Teacher

I began Bikram Yoga in the summer of 2012 out of desperation. Born with cerebral palsy and having had my first total knee replacement before the age of 45, I knew I had to find a way to keep my body moving and maintain my very limited amount of flexibility. I had tried a couple…
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Tracy S.Q. Hill, Owner/Teacher

I am often called friendly. And people usually figure out that I am both friendly and a silly kid at heart. I have been in the hot room now for about four and half years. My passion? Discovery, of all kinds; yoga, people, music, food, art, you name it! I get especially jazzed up over…
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