First Class

A Note From our Owners

If you're nervous about trying your first Bikram Yoga class, don't let that stop you from coming. There's no judgement though, and this yoga is for everyone, no matter what shape you're in. Have back or joint pain? Looking to lose weight? Want a new challenge? Bikram Yoga is the answer to all of these questions and so many more.

It takes a couple of classes to get used to the heat, so take it easy during your first class. Try to come back within 24 hours to keep from getting sore and acclimate to the heat faster. Your second class is almost always better than the first. To maximize your benefit, aim to take your first 10 classes as quickly as possible. Then you'll know from experience just how good this yoga is for you.

Bring . . .

  • A yoga mat, a bath-size towel and water bottle if you have them. Bring an additional towel if you'd like to shower at the studio after class. All of these items are also available to rent or purchase.
  • A hydrated body and an empty stomach. We recommend not eating 2-3 hours before class. If you need to eat, nuts, fruits and vegetables are best.
  • Wear fitted clothing that is comfortable to sweat in. Avoid long sleeves, pants and cotton.

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Bikram Yoga is as challenging as you make it. Don't put pressure on yourself to be 'good' at yoga your first time.

For your first class try to arrive 15-20 minutes early so that your instructor can help you get set up. We don't allow late entry because of the importance of the first breathing exercise, so make sure you're on time. All Bikram Yoga classes are 90 minutes and heated, so come prepared to sweat. The heat relaxes your muscles, allowing for a safer, deeper stretch. We welcome everyone, including regular practitioners, to sit down on their mats if they need a break. Bikram Yoga is as challenging as you make it. Don't put pressure on yourself to be 'good' at yoga your first time.

After class the instructor will bring around cold, scented face towels to help you unwind. Bikram Yoga Durham offers complimentary freeze pops in the lobby, and your instructor will be available for you to talk with. Be sure to drink lots of water nutrients you sweat out during class (electrolytes). Spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers and citrus fruits are particularly good to eat after class. You can also just purchase a coconut water from the studio. We want you to get the most out of every class, so please let us know if you have any questions.

Reasons to Practice Bikram Yoga

Everything you need in one class

Heal your body, relieve stress and get a workout all at the same time. There's no need to go extra places or do additional things.

Anyone, no matter their ability, can benefit

Each posture has steps, and everyone stays in the step that is challenging for them. No matter how far you go into the posture, if you try the right way you get 100% benefit.


Helps to relieve anxiety, depression and stress

In Bikram Yoga you learn various calming techniques like slowing your heart rate using your breath. These techniques, along with setting aside time for self-care, promote mental well being.

See yourself improve over time

As opposed to a lot of other classes, in Bikram Yoga you do the same postures in the same order every time. After your first couple of classes you'll get the hang of what's going on, and within weeks you'll see your poses changing.