Allison Willet, Teacher

Allison Willet came to Bikram Yoga to heal performance injuries and get into shape. She has played violin since she was 6 years old, and yoga has helped with both physical and emotional sides of performance. Yoga then crept into all other aspects of her life, giving her more restful sleep, better balance between work and down-time, and overall better health. She will be more than happy to discuss all the practical benefits of yoga with you!
Allison lives in Durham with her husband, Stijn, and their 3 cats. Outside of the yoga studio, she is a professional performing musician and teaches violin, viola and piano. She often guest-lectures at universities on historical performance practice. You can look on her website to see her performing calendar: Allison is thrilled to be joining the BYD staff, and looks forward to seeing your happy, smiling face in the practice room!

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