Hanna Newman, Teacher

Hanna NewmanGrowing up Hanna was not exactly an exercise aficionado. She had tried a variety of sports, but always found that she either did not enjoy or did not have a knack for them. During the Fall of 2005 her dad, Ralph, convinced her to go to her first Bikram Yoga class. She was the overweight one hiding in the back corner of the room thinking about how she could most discreetly escape. Somehow, a couple of weeks later she found herself back at the Bikram studio. After class Hanna felt pretty good, although she was still embarrassed by her lack of skill and questioning the fact that people voluntarily worked this hard. As she began to come more regularly, her practice improved and her confidence and determination steadily increased. She realized that no one just starts with a practice they are proud of; it takes time and a lot of effort.

Hanna's Bikram practice helped her to cope with anxiety and depression through high school, so she continued in college by cleaning at a studio in exchange for free classes. While she was still in school her parents opened Bikram Yoga Durham, which gave her the opportunity to work the front desk during her breaks. After graduation she began working at Bikram Yoga Durham full-time as the manager and graphic designer, and she became a certified Bikram instructor in the Spring of 2012. Hanna's happy to say that since she began practicing she no longer has issues with depression. While she does still struggle with anxiety from time to time, her symptoms are much more manageable thanks to her regular Bikram practice.

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