Kate Pannone, Teacher

I believe you find this yoga when you need it. I found it at a point in my life when I was on the cusp of big changes, and I was struggling to find my way. I grew up very active with gymnastics, so when I found yoga, I immediately felt at home. I love being able to move whichever way I want. As much good as yoga does for me physically, it does more mentally. At a young age, I was prone to anxiety and worry. Through the practice, I figure out how to be happy with myself. I find the strength to change and grow and the patience to accept and wait.

Early on in my practice, I knew I wanted to make yoga my life. I went to Bikram's teacher training in Spring 2012 and Yin Yoga training in July 2016. Teaching has added a whole new level to my practice. I learn to effectively and efficiently communicate, to understand how the body moves, and to watch this yoga change lives. I practiced through my entire pregnancy, which was both beneficial for my body and mind and fascinating to experience a constantly changing self.

When I'm not practicing, I enjoy taking long walks in the woods with my dog and daughter, reading books, and learning new things, like gardening, archery, and sign language

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