Melinda Kearney, Teacher

MelindaMelinda fell in love with Bikram Yoga during final Savasana of her first class. As her practice evolved, it became a central component in nourishing a balanced mind, body and spirit. Her love for the practice coupled with a passion to share the yoga led her to Los Angeles, California in the spring of 2014 to undergo intensive training to become a certified Bikram Yoga teacher.

Melinda would like new students to know 3 things:

· You don’t have to prepare for yoga: just come and try, practice. That’s all you do.

· You will gain control of your breath and heal your mind and body by strengthening your spine.

· The only bad class you can have is the one you don’t go to.

Melinda also teaches Inferno Hot Pilates as her alter ego “Belinda”! Be sure and try this high energy class to enhance your strength and stability.

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