Patricia Pittman, Teacher

PatriciaCheck, Check...Hi! My name is Patricia, and I will be leading you through Bikram’s beginning yoga series! I started my Bikram yoga journey about three years ago in my home state of Arizona during my 3rd year of medical school. My first class was magical! I immediately fell in love with the series and have been dedicated to sharing the power of the practice ever since. I completed training Spring of 2015 in Thailand.

By day, I am a Pathology resident at Duke University. Like most physicians, my days are long, physically challenging and mentally demanding. I find this 90 minute Bikram series to be the perfect prescription for any and all of my daily work and/or life stressors.

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"When You Have Total Control Of Your Spine & Nervous System You Will Have Total Control Of Your Mind, Body & The Rest Of The World...You Don’t Have To Chase Money, Money Will Chase You, You Don’t Have To Chase Love, Love Will Chase You!"--Bikram Choudhury

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