Ralph Newman, MD. Studio Founder

RalphRalph's determination and strength show us how yoga gives the physical health and mental power to overcome life's difficulties. Ralph began his journey towards Bikram yoga as an overweight teen channeling body mass into bodybuilding and powerlifting. He became an avid runner and cyclist, completing seven marathons. Twenty-six years of lifting and pounding gave Ralph degenerative disc disease, four herniations, and spinal stenosis. Ralph survived a devastating physical attack which burned 9% of his body and left his skin scarred and hypersensitive. Enter Bikram yoga. Ralph credits the yoga for restoring the elasticity of his skin and mobility of his spine. Never giving less than 110%, after four years of dedicated practice, Ralph attended and graduated from Bikram's teacher training in fall 2008. After training, Ralph was involved in a motorcycle accident that should have been fatal, if not for the yoga having increased his lung strength and capacity. Within two weeks, Ralph was back in the yoga room. Ralph has Bachelor's degrees in biology and art history from Washington University, St. Louis. He attended medical school at Rush Medical College in Chicago and served as Chief Psychiatric Resident at Long-Island Jewish Hospital. He completed a Psychopharmacology Fellowship at the University of Illinois, followed by two years of private practice. For the past 16 years Ralph has been a prominent forensic psychiatrist.

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