Renee Collins Bradford, Teacher

I began Bikram Yoga in the summer of 2012 out of desperation. Born with cerebral palsy and having had my first total knee replacement before the age of 45, I knew I had to find a way to keep my body moving and maintain my very limited amount of flexibility. I had tried a couple of yoga classes before, but I could never keep up with the fast pace. People told me yoga would be good for me. Instead, I was thoroughly frustrated by the experience.

My niece (also a Bikram teacher) had heard good things about Bikram Yoga Durham, so I eventually contacted the studio and explained my situation. The owner met me for an hour in the middle of a workday, free of charge, to show me how to modify the 26 postures. After that, how could I not sign up for classes?

Bikram Yoga has given me stability by strengthening my back and core and connecting my mind and body. Before practicing yoga regularly, I fell down regularly for many years. Now, falls still happen but less frequently. There have been countless times when I have unconsciously stabilized my core to save me from falling.

I do Bikram Yoga because I can. Most people find that they are energized after class. I never am. For me, the class is both mentally and physically exhausting, but I keep going to class anyway, as often as my body allows.

So that's my story. Come to Bikram Yoga and begin your own story. This yoga gives your body what it needs. Yes, it's hot and humid. It can be overwhelming sometimes. Just take a knee or sit down on your mat, it's really okay. Eventually, you'll learn to breathe in the warm air and enjoy the heat.

Join us. The sooner you begin your practice, the longer your mind and body will benefit.

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