Tracy S.Q. Hill, Owner/Teacher

I am often called friendly. And people usually figure out that I am both friendly and a silly kid at heart. I have been in the hot room now for about four and half years. My passion? Discovery, of all kinds; yoga, people, music, food, art, you name it! I get especially jazzed up over yoga and photography. Exploring a regular yoga practice has become key to my personal growth and living the most full life I have ever known.

What got me into the hot room? A Groupon. Ironically, it was a gift to myself for my birthday. Little did I realize how things would change because of that gift. What kept me in the hot room? For the first time in my life, it felt good to live in my skin … and that was just the beginning of the constant flow of lessons that have come with my practice. So many lessons! Gratefully, humbly, I know am a better person because of my practice.

To my students, I would say … always be curious. No matter what your day or your practice gives you, stay curious. There are always new lessons waiting for us. Hopefully, we can all show and keep learning.

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